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Macbeth (2010)
Drama . 02 h 40 m


Renowned Shakespearean actor Patrick Stewart features as the eponymous anti-hero in this Soviet-era adaptation of one of Shakespeare's darkest and most powerful tragedies.

Release Date

12 December 2010



Produced By

BBC, Illuminations, Thirteen,

Directed by :
Rupert Goold

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"Macbeth - " is english Language Movie.

"Macbeth" was released on 12 December 2010 .

The movie was directed by Rupert Goold

It has cast of: Patrick Stewart as Macbeth, Kate Fleetwood as Lady Macbeth, Michael Feast as Macduff, Martin Turner as Banquo, Scott Handy as Malcom, Paul Shelley as Duncan / Doctor, Suzanne Burden as Lady Macduff, Mark Rawlings as Lennox, Tim Treloar as Ross, Bill Nash as Angus, Christopher Knott as Old Seyward / Murderer, Christopher Patrick Nolan as The Porter in lead roles.

Series Cast

It Crew included: Rupert Goold as Director(Directing), Issie Webbly as Makeup Artist(Costume & Make-Up), Richard Styles as First Assistant Director(Directing), Adam Cork as Original Music Composer(Sound), Deanne Turner as Makeup Designer(Costume & Make-Up), Adrian Bell as Sound Recordist(Sound), Katerina Pesulova as Assistant Costume Designer(Costume & Make-Up), Zoe Morgan as Script Supervisor(Directing), Sam McCurdy as Director of Photography(Camera), James Wakefield as Art Direction(Art), Lucy Thompson as Makeup Artist(Costume & Make-Up), Andrew Stirk as Sound Supervisor(Sound), James Hendy as Supervising Art Director(Art), Trevor Waite as Editor(Editing), Tom Deering as Conductor(Sound), Anthony Ward as Set Designer(Art), Verity Sadler as Assistant Art Director(Art), Anthony Ward as Costume Designer(Costume & Make-Up), Mark Bell as Executive Producer(Production), Sebastian Grant as Producer(Production), Stefan Kryzsiak as Second Assistant Camera(Camera), Paul Davies as Sound Designer(Sound), Howard Harrison as Lighting Director(Lighting), John Wyver as Producer(Production), Gabrielle Dawes as Casting Director(Production), Phil Humphries as First Assistant Camera(Camera), Adam Cork as Sound Designer(Sound), Mike O'Neill as Costume Designer(Costume & Make-Up), William Shakespeare as Theatre Play(Writing), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Released
Released on:
12 December 2010

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