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No Rancho Fundo (2024)
Soap, Drama, Comedy . NA m


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Release Date

15 April 2024



Produced By

Estúdios Globo,

Directed by :
Allan Fiterman

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Mário Teixeira

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"No Rancho Fundo - " is portuguese Language Tv Show.

"No Rancho Fundo" was released on 24 July 2024 .

The movie was directed by Allan Fiterman

It has cast of: Larissa Bocchino as Quinota (Joaquina Belmont Leonel), Andréa Beltrão as Zefa Leonel (Josefa Belmont Leonel), Alexandre Nero as Tico Leonel (Eurico Leonel), Tulio Starling as Artur Gouveia, José Loreto as Marcelo Gouveia, Luisa Arraes as Blandina Sebastiana Cantuária, Eduardo Moscovis as Quintino Ariosto, Alejandro Claveaux as Jordão, Mariana Lima as Tia Salete, Débora Bloch as Deodora Montijo, Welder Rodrigues as Sabá Bodó (Sebastião Bodó Vindouro Menezes), Titina Medeiros as Nivalda Menezes, Suzy Lopes as Cira Aparecida de Gênova, Leandro Daniel Colombo as Floro Borromeu, Ju Colombo as Quintilha, Igor Jansen as Aldenor, Heloísa Honein as Margaridinha, Nina Tomsic as Dracena, Rhaisa Batista as , Andréa Bak as Esperança, Clara Moneke as Caridade, Thardelly Lima as Vespertino (Laércio Oliveira), Haroldo Guimarães as Primo Cícero, Rafael Saraiva as Guilherme, Dandara Queiroz as Benvinda, Guthierry Sotero as Nastácio, Igor Fortunato as Zé Beltino, Ana Maria Mangeth as Dona Escolástica, Jorge Ritchie as Torquato Tasso, Renan Motta as Marconi, Nanego Lira as Padre Zezo (Monsenhor José de Botas), Juzé as Totonho, Lucas Queiroga as Palmito, Valdineia Soriano as Dona Manuela, Natascha Falcão as Lola, Isis Broken as Corina Castelo, Letícia Salles as Zélia Noronha in lead roles.

Series Cast

Larissa Bocchino
Quinota (Joaquina Belmont Leonel)

Andréa Beltrão
Zefa Leonel (Josefa Belmont Leonel)

Alexandre Nero
Tico Leonel (Eurico Leonel)

Tulio Starling
Artur Gouveia

José Loreto
Marcelo Gouveia

Luisa Arraes
Blandina Sebastiana Cantuária

Eduardo Moscovis
Quintino Ariosto

Alejandro Claveaux

Mariana Lima
Tia Salete

Débora Bloch
Deodora Montijo

Welder Rodrigues
Sabá Bodó (Sebastião Bodó Vindouro Menezes)

Titina Medeiros
Nivalda Menezes

Suzy Lopes
Cira Aparecida de Gênova

Leandro Daniel Colombo
Floro Borromeu

Ju Colombo

Igor Jansen

Heloísa Honein

Nina Tomsic

Rhaisa Batista


Andréa Bak

Clara Moneke

Thardelly Lima
Vespertino (Laércio Oliveira)

Haroldo Guimarães
Primo Cícero

Rafael Saraiva

Dandara Queiroz

Guthierry Sotero

Igor Fortunato
Zé Beltino

Ana Maria Mangeth
Dona Escolástica

Jorge Ritchie
Torquato Tasso

Renan Motta

Nanego Lira
Padre Zezo (Monsenhor José de Botas)


Lucas Queiroga

Valdineia Soriano
Dona Manuela

Natascha Falcão

Isis Broken
Corina Castelo

Letícia Salles
Zélia Noronha

It Crew included: Mário Teixeira as Writer(Writing), Allan Fiterman as Director(Directing), Natascha Falcão as Theme Song Performance(Sound), Elba Ramalho as Theme Song Performance(Sound), Marcos Lazarini as Writer(Writing), Dino Cantelli as Writer(Writing), Angélica Lopes as Writer(Writing), Renata Sofia as Writer(Writing), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Returning Series
Released on:
24 July 2024


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