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The Knockout (2023)
Crime, Mystery, Drama, Action & Adventure . 46 m


20 years of perseverance, hot-blooded teenagers finally become the people's hero.

Release Date

14 January 2023



Produced By

Liu Bai Entertainment, iQIYI,

Directed by :
Jizhou Xu

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Jizhou Xu

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"The Knockout - " is mandarin Language Tv Show.

"The Knockout" was released on 15 April 2024 .

The movie was directed by Jizhou Xu

It has cast of: Zhang Songwen as 高启强 / Gao Qiqiang, Zhang Yi as 安欣 / An Xin, Li Yitong as 孟钰 / Meng Yu, Zhang Zhijian as 孟德海 / Meng Dehai, Wu Gang as 徐忠 / Xu Zhong, Ni Dahong as 泰叔 / Uncle Tai, Han Tongsheng as 李有田 / Li Youtian, Li Jianyi as 纪泽 / Ji Ze, Shi Zhaoqi as 安长林 / An Changlin, Zhao Da as 过山峰 /Guo Shanfeng, Shen Dan Ping as 崔姨 / Aunt Cui, Song Jiateng as 麻子 / Mazi, Li Jian as 李响 / Li Xiang, Gao Ye as 陈书婷 / Chen Shuting, Wang Xiao as 杨健 / Yang Jian, Jia Bing as 徐江 / Xu Jiang, Hao Ping as 曹闯 / Cao Chuang, Xiaoding Su as 高启盛 / Gao Qisheng, Lin Jiachuan as 唐小龙, A Runa as 李宏伟, Bao Dazhi as 赵立冬, Ling Zhuo as 陆寒, Long Ni as 高启兰, Ning Xiaozhi as 郭文建, Sun Yan as 唐小虎, Peilu Wang as 疯驴子, Feng Bing as 老默, Xiuqing Yue as 徐夫人, Qin Ge as 马涛, Luo Eryang as 白江波, Qu Shanshan as 程程, Cui Zhi-Gang as 龚开疆, Jiabin Zheng as 王秘书, Zhao Zichong as 张彪, Su Maoyang as 张大庆, Kang Fuzhen as 卢松, Chunyang Zhao as 蒋天, Qin Yan as 何黎明, Huo Qing as 周志合, Zhang Chao as 李牧, Jingyi Zhan as 方宁, Shu Yaoxuan as 黄老, Wu Yuqing as 高晓晨 in lead roles.

Series Cast

Zhang Songwen
高启强 / Gao Qiqiang

Zhang Yi
安欣 / An Xin

Li Yitong
孟钰 / Meng Yu

Zhang Zhijian
孟德海 / Meng Dehai

Wu Gang
徐忠 / Xu Zhong

Ni Dahong
泰叔 / Uncle Tai

Han Tongsheng
李有田 / Li Youtian

Li Jianyi
纪泽 / Ji Ze

Shi Zhaoqi
安长林 / An Changlin

Zhao Da
过山峰 /Guo Shanfeng

Shen Dan Ping
崔姨 / Aunt Cui

Song Jiateng
麻子 / Mazi

Li Jian
李响 / Li Xiang

Gao Ye
陈书婷 / Chen Shuting

Wang Xiao
杨健 / Yang Jian

Jia Bing
徐江 / Xu Jiang

Hao Ping
曹闯 / Cao Chuang

Xiaoding Su
高启盛 / Gao Qisheng

Lin Jiachuan

A Runa

Bao Dazhi

Ling Zhuo

Long Ni

Ning Xiaozhi

Sun Yan

Peilu Wang

Feng Bing

Xiuqing Yue

Qin Ge

Luo Eryang

Qu Shanshan

Cui Zhi-Gang

Jiabin Zheng

Zhao Zichong

Su Maoyang

Kang Fuzhen

Chunyang Zhao

Qin Yan

Huo Qing

Zhang Chao

Jingyi Zhan

Shu Yaoxuan

Wu Yuqing

It Crew included: Jizhou Xu as Director(Directing), Junyi Zhu as Writer(Writing), Hu Xiao-ou as Music Supervisor(Sound), Phat Chan Fei as Co-Director(Directing), Wenjun Bai as Screenplay(Writing), Yingfei Wang as Screenplay(Writing), Yu Gong as Presenter(Crew), Dai Ying as Producer(Production), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Ended
Released on:
15 April 2024


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