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The Boy's Word: Blood on the Asphalt (2023)
Drama, Crime . 52 m


In the late 1980s, when “perestroika” was taking place in the USSR and the era of the Soviet Union was about to collapse, life became unstable and very different. The 1980s brought not only freedom, but also waves of crime on the city streets. While some young people began to ‘grow up’ on the streets, others found it difficult to find their place in this unpredictable reality. Andrey, lives with his mother and five-year-old sister. He studies at a music school and often encounters street teenagers who harass him. To protect himself, Andrey makes friends with one of these teenagers, Marat, who introduces him to gang life. Youth groups fight for every piece of territory; they defend their right to live the life, even breaking laws and promises. The only thing that matters to them is the vows they make to their gang members-brothers, with whom they confront the violence and fears of the adult world.

Release Date

09 November 2023



Produced By

Toomuch Production, National Media Group, IRI, NTV,

Directed by :
Zhora Kryzhovnikov

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Zhora Kryzhovnikov

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"The Boy's Word: Blood on the Asphalt - The boys don't apologize" is russian Language Tv Show.

"The Boy's Word: Blood on the Asphalt" was released on 16 April 2024 .

The movie was directed by Zhora Kryzhovnikov

It has cast of: Ivan Yankovsky as Vova Suvorov (Adidas), Ruzil Minekaev as Marat Suvorov, Leon Kemstach as Andrey Vasilyev (Palto), Anastasiya Krasovskaya as Irina Sergeyevna, Anna Peresild as Aygul' Akhmerova, Nikita Kologrivyy as Kashey, Elizaveta Bazykina as Natasha, Yuliya Aleksandrova as Svetlana Mikhaylovna (Andrey's mother), Sergey Burunov as Kirill Suvorov (Vova & Marat's father), Anton Vasilyev as Ildar Yunusovich, Slava Kopeykin as Valera Turkin (Turbo), Lev Zulkarnaev as Vakhit Zimaletdinov (Zima), Aleksandr Samoylenko Jr. as Denis Konevich, Andrey Maksimov as Zholtiy, Grigoriy Dudnik as Iskander, Yaroslav Mogilnikov as Misha Tilkin (Eralash), Ivan Makarevich as Dzhon, Albert Tavabilov as Albert Salikhov (Lampa), Nikita Manets as Kirill, Svetlana Smirnova-Katsagadzhieva as Dilyara (Marat's mother), Vladimir Vinogradov as Video Salon Owner, Lidiya Ilyina as Polina Filippovna (Eralash's grandma), Nataliya Potapova as Flyura Gabdulovna, Olga Lapshina as Aunt Nina, Varvara Kuprina as Yulya (Andrey's sister), Ruslana Doronina as Aygul''s mother, Ilidus Abrakhmanov as Aygul''s father, Lev Cherepanov as Kolik, Sergey Mardar as Suvorov School Head, Kseniya Abdrafigina as Luda (Kashey's girl), Dina Gubaydullina as Roza, Daniil Kiselev as Tsygan, Lev Kotkin as Lapot’, Yuliya Abramova as Concierge, Marina Barsukova as Consignment Seller, Marina Antonova as Consignment Seller, Mikhail Levchenko as Grandpa at the Market, Maksim Gorshkov as Komsomol Secretary, Tatyana Korneta as Marat’s Grandma in lead roles.

Series Cast

Ivan Yankovsky
Vova Suvorov (Adidas)

Ruzil Minekaev
Marat Suvorov

Leon Kemstach
Andrey Vasilyev (Palto)

Anastasiya Krasovskaya
Irina Sergeyevna

Anna Peresild
Aygul' Akhmerova

Nikita Kologrivyy

Elizaveta Bazykina

Yuliya Aleksandrova
Svetlana Mikhaylovna (Andrey's mother)

Sergey Burunov
Kirill Suvorov (Vova & Marat's father)

Anton Vasilyev
Ildar Yunusovich

Slava Kopeykin
Valera Turkin (Turbo)

Lev Zulkarnaev
Vakhit Zimaletdinov (Zima)

Aleksandr Samoylenko Jr.
Denis Konevich

Andrey Maksimov

Grigoriy Dudnik

Yaroslav Mogilnikov
Misha Tilkin (Eralash)

Ivan Makarevich

Albert Tavabilov
Albert Salikhov (Lampa)

Nikita Manets

Svetlana Smirnova-Katsagadzhieva
Dilyara (Marat's mother)

Vladimir Vinogradov
Video Salon Owner

Lidiya Ilyina
Polina Filippovna (Eralash's grandma)

Nataliya Potapova
Flyura Gabdulovna

Olga Lapshina
Aunt Nina

Varvara Kuprina
Yulya (Andrey's sister)

Ruslana Doronina
Aygul''s mother

Ilidus Abrakhmanov
Aygul''s father

Lev Cherepanov

Sergey Mardar
Suvorov School Head

Kseniya Abdrafigina
Luda (Kashey's girl)

Dina Gubaydullina

Daniil Kiselev

Lev Kotkin

Yuliya Abramova

Marina Barsukova
Consignment Seller

Marina Antonova
Consignment Seller

Mikhail Levchenko
Grandpa at the Market

Maksim Gorshkov
Komsomol Secretary

Tatyana Korneta
Marat’s Grandma

It Crew included: Zhora Kryzhovnikov as Director(Directing), Zhora Kryzhovnikov as Screenplay(Writing), Andrey Zolotarev as Screenplay(Writing), Anastasia Bagirova as Casting Director(Production), Fyodor Bondarchuk as Producer(Production), Dmitry Tabarchuk as Producer(Production), Maksim Rybakov as Producer(Production), Aleksandr Kosarim as Producer(Production), Eduard Iloyan as Producer(Production), Georgy Shabanov as Producer(Production), Vitaly Shlyappo as Producer(Production), Denis Zhalinsky as Producer(Production), Timur Weinstein as Producer(Production), Alexey Zemsky as Producer(Production), Galina Strizhevskaya as Producer(Production), Denis Utochkin as Creative Producer(Writing), Yury Korobeynikov as Director of Photography(Camera), Filipp Lamshin as Sound Director(Sound), Denis Bykov as Production Design(Art), Darya Terekhova as Makeup Artist(Costume & Make-Up), Darya Fomina as Costume Design(Costume & Make-Up), Egor Tarasenko as Editor(Editing), Aleksandr Verkholyak as Editor(Editing), Alexandr Ivanov as Editor(Editing), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Ended
Released on:
16 April 2024


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