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Houdini (2014)
Drama . 172 m


Harry Houdini emerges as America's first bonafide world-renowned superstar.

Release Date

01 September 2014


Yiddish, English,

Produced By

Cypress Point Productions, Chains Productions, Lionsgate Television, Pioneer Stillking Houdini KFT, A+E Studios,
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Uli Edel

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"Houdini - He Knew No Limits" is english Language Tv Show.

"Houdini" was released on 22 May 2024 .

It has cast of: Adrien Brody as Harry Houdini, Kristen Connolly as Bess Houdini, Evan Jones as Jim Collins, Tim Pigott-Smith as William Melville, Tom Benedict Knight as Dash Houdini, Shaun Williamson as Reilly, Eszter Ónodi as Cecilia Weiss, Jeremy Wheeler as Rabbi Weiß, Tim Woodward as Sheriff John, Gyula Mesterházy as Kaiser Wilhelm II, Iván Kamarás as Rasputin, Simon Nader as Tsar Nicholas Romanov, Megan Dodds as Margerie Crandon, David Calder as Sir Artur Conan Doyle, Kata Sarbó as Girl, Louis Mertens as Erich Weiß, Caroline Boulton as Sylvia the Bearded Lady, Eric Loren as John Wilkie in lead roles.

Series Cast

It Crew included: Sabrina Plisco as Editor(Editing), Bernard C. Meyer as Novel(Writing), Katalin Baranyi as Casting(Production), Tamás Csaba as Sound Mixer(Sound), Birgit Hutter as Costume Design(Costume & Make-Up), Karl Walter Lindenlaub as Director of Photography(Camera), Ildikó Kemény as Producer(Production), Karen Mayeda Vranek as Co-Producer(Production), Kálmán Antal as Unit Production Manager(Production), Tibor Lázár as Art Direction(Art), András Hámori as Executive Producer(Production), John Debney as Music(Sound), David Minkowski as Co-Producer(Production), Jeanie Bacharach as Casting(Production), Jeanette-Nicole Latzelsberger as Key Hair Stylist(Costume & Make-Up), Gerald W. Abrams as Executive Producer(Production), David Beatty as Editor(Editing), Gregor Eckstein as Makeup Artist(Costume & Make-Up), Gabriella Németh as Hairstylist(Costume & Make-Up), Patrizia von Brandenstein as Production Design(Art), David Eick as Executive Consultant(Production), Zsuzsa Stenger as Costume Supervisor(Costume & Make-Up), Melanie J. Baker as Set Decoration(Art), Jeremy Zimmermann as Casting(Production), Kenneth R. Burton as Sound Re-Recording Mixer(Sound), Gabriella Winkler as Script Supervisor(Directing), Michael J. Benavente as Supervising Sound Editor(Sound), Deryck Blake as Property Master(Art), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Ended
Released on:
22 May 2024


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