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Elas por Elas (2023)
Comedy, Mystery, Soap, Drama . NA m


Seven friends who met in their youth at an English course meet again 25 years later; Lara, Taís, Helena, Adriana, Renée, Natália and Carol, each of them has a different personality and origin, but they share a deep affection.

Release Date

25 September 2023



Produced By

Estúdios Globo,

Directed by :
Amora Mautner

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Alessandro Marson
CreatorThereza Falcão

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"Elas por Elas - " is portuguese Language Tv Show.

"Elas por Elas" was released on 15 April 2024 .

The movie was directed by Amora Mautner

It has cast of: Deborah Secco as Lara Furtado Lopes Pereira, Késia Estácio as Taís Cury Cardoso, Isabel Teixeira as Helena Aranha Muniz, Thalita Carauta as Adriana Ferraz, Maria Clara Spinelli as Renée Ferreira Cintra, Karine Teles as Ana Carolina Soffredini (Carol), Mariana Santos as Natália Cardoso, Lázaro Ramos as Mário Fofoca, Cássio Gabus Mendes as Roberto Bastos, Mateus Solano as Jonas Muniz, Filipe Bragança as Giovanni Aranha Muniz, Valentina Herszage as Cristiane Furtado Lopes Pereira (Cris), Rayssa Bratillieri as Ísis Lopes, Marcos Caruso as Sérgio Aranha, Alexandre Borges as Pedro, Paula Cohen as Mirian, Monique Alfradique as Érica, Luis Navarro as Edu, Mariah da Penha as Raquel, Cosme dos Santos as Evilásio, Castorine as Yeda Furtado Lopes Pereira, Maria Ceiça as Marlene Ferraz, Erom Cordeiro as Danilo Drummond, Paula Burlamaqui as Drª. Lígia, Diego Cruz as Aramis, Viétia Zangrandi as Vilma, Bia Santana as Victória Ferreira Cintra (Vic), Richard Abelha as Tony Ferreira Cintra, Magda Gomes as Wanda, Chao Chen as Ulisses, Antonio Tabet as Juvenal Fagundes, Kiria Malheiros as Lara (jovem), Liza Del Dala as Taís (jovem), Fernanda Lasevitch as Helena (jovem), Mari Oliveira as Adriana (jovem), Jade Mascarenhas as Natália (jovem), Sabrina L'Astorina as Carol (jovem), Shi Menegat as Renée (jovem), Luciano Mallmann as Carlinhos in lead roles.

Series Cast

Deborah Secco
Lara Furtado Lopes Pereira

Késia Estácio
Taís Cury Cardoso

Isabel Teixeira
Helena Aranha Muniz

Thalita Carauta
Adriana Ferraz

Maria Clara Spinelli
Renée Ferreira Cintra

Karine Teles
Ana Carolina Soffredini (Carol)

Mariana Santos
Natália Cardoso

Lázaro Ramos
Mário Fofoca

Cássio Gabus Mendes
Roberto Bastos

Mateus Solano
Jonas Muniz

Filipe Bragança
Giovanni Aranha Muniz

Valentina Herszage
Cristiane Furtado Lopes Pereira (Cris)

Rayssa Bratillieri
Ísis Lopes

Marcos Caruso
Sérgio Aranha

Alexandre Borges

Paula Cohen

Monique Alfradique

Luis Navarro

Mariah da Penha

Cosme dos Santos

Yeda Furtado Lopes Pereira

Maria Ceiça
Marlene Ferraz

Erom Cordeiro
Danilo Drummond

Paula Burlamaqui
Drª. Lígia

Diego Cruz

Viétia Zangrandi

Bia Santana
Victória Ferreira Cintra (Vic)

Richard Abelha
Tony Ferreira Cintra

Magda Gomes

Chao Chen

Antonio Tabet
Juvenal Fagundes

Kiria Malheiros
Lara (jovem)

Liza Del Dala
Taís (jovem)

Fernanda Lasevitch
Helena (jovem)

Mari Oliveira
Adriana (jovem)

Jade Mascarenhas
Natália (jovem)

Sabrina L'Astorina
Carol (jovem)

Shi Menegat
Renée (jovem)

Luciano Mallmann

It Crew included: Amora Mautner as Director(Directing), Alessandro Marson as Writer(Writing), Thereza Falcão as Writer(Writing), Letícia Mey as Writer(Writing), Wendell Bendelack as Writer(Writing), Caroline Santos as Writer(Writing), Cassiano Gabus Mendes as Original Story(Writing), Preta Gil as Theme Song Performance(Sound), Duda Beat as Theme Song Performance(Sound), Ivete Sangalo as Theme Song Performance(Sound), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Ended
Released on:
15 April 2024


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