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Choco Milk Shake (2022)
Comedy, Drama . 15 m


A cat and dog crossed a rainbow bridge, but came back as humans?! Jung Woo lives alone after losing his parents at the age of 20 and working part-time in his Uncle's shop. One day, two strangers enter the house and claim they were Choco and Milk! The two were indeed the reincarnation of Choco and Milk whom he raised from childhood to high school and lost by an accident. The arrival of the two embarks on a new beginning and the quest to discover love.

Release Date

25 October 2022



Produced By


Directed by :
Ahn Ji-hee

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"Choco Milk Shake - " is korean Language Tv Show.

"Choco Milk Shake" was released on 22 July 2024 .

The movie was directed by Ahn Ji-hee

It has cast of: Park Seung-bin as Uncle, Kim Seong-hyuk as Milk, Lee Jae-bin as Choco, Ko Ho-jung as Jung Woo in lead roles.

Series Cast

It Crew included: Ahn Ji-hee as Director(Directing), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Returning Series
Released on:
22 July 2024


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BL웹드라마 초코밀크쉐이크 예고편 Trailer - Choco Milk Shake, BL Web Series
BL웹드라마 초코밀크쉐이크 티저 Choco Milk Shake Teaser