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Undisputed (2002)
Drama, Crime . 01 h 36 m


Monroe Hutchens is the heavyweight champion of Sweetwater, a maximum security prison. He was convicted to a life sentence due to a passionate crime. Iceman Chambers is the heavyweight champion, who lost his title due to a rape conviction to ten years in Sweetwater. WHen these two giants collide in the same prison, they fight against each other disputing who is the real champion.

Release Date

17 July 2002



Produced By

Miramax, Amen Ra Films,

Directed by :
Walter Hill

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"Undisputed - Two Enemies ... The Mob ... The Ultimate Showdown." is english Language Movie.

"Undisputed" was released on 17 July 2002 it had a budget of $20,000,000 and had box office collection of $14,946,150.

The movie was directed by Walter Hill

It has cast of: Wesley Snipes as Monroe Hutchen, Ving Rhames as George 'Iceman' Chambers, Peter Falk as Mendy Ripstein, Michael Rooker as A.J. Mercker, Jon Seda as Jesus 'Chuy' Campos, Wes Studi as Mingo Pace, Fisher Stevens as James 'Ratbag' Kroycek, Dayton Callie as Yank Lewis, Amy Aquino as Darlene Early, Johnny Williams as Al, Joe D'Angerio as Vinnie, Nils Allen Stewart as Vern Van Zant, Denis Arndt as Warden Lipscom, Jim Lampley as Himself, Ed Lover as Marvin Bonds, Master P as Gat Boyz Rapper 1, Silkk The Shocker as Gat Boyz Rapper 2, C-Murder as Gat Boyz Rapper 3, Boz as Gat Boyz Rapper 4, Nicholas Cascone as Barry Pearl, Bruce A. Young as Charles Soward, Byron Minns as Saladin / Eddie Jones, Taylor Young as Emily Byrne, Susan Dalian as Jonelle, Johnathan Wesley Wallace as Antoine Bonét, J.W. Smith as Mess Guard, John David Jackson as Man, Michael Bailey Smith as Skinhead, Peter Jason as Oakland TV Announcer, Steve Heinze as Carlos, Ken Medlock as Guard 1, George Grigas as Tower Guard 1, Christopher Wynne as Central Security Guard, George Christy as Reporter 1, James Alan Hensz as Reporter 2, John D. Harrington as Reporter 3, Toby Gibson as Referee, Daren Libonatt as Ref, Rose Rollins as Tawnee Rawlins, Maureen O'Boyle as Self, Elaine Kagan as Lady Judge, Sandra Vidal as Fight Fan, Alexander Nevsky as Prisoner (uncredited) in lead roles.

Series Cast

Wesley Snipes
Monroe Hutchen

Ving Rhames
George 'Iceman' Chambers

Peter Falk
Mendy Ripstein

Michael Rooker
A.J. Mercker

Jon Seda
Jesus 'Chuy' Campos

Wes Studi
Mingo Pace

Fisher Stevens
James 'Ratbag' Kroycek

Dayton Callie
Yank Lewis

Amy Aquino
Darlene Early

Johnny Williams

Joe D'Angerio

Nils Allen Stewart
Vern Van Zant

Denis Arndt
Warden Lipscom

Jim Lampley

Ed Lover
Marvin Bonds

Master P
Gat Boyz Rapper 1

Silkk The Shocker
Gat Boyz Rapper 2

Gat Boyz Rapper 3

Gat Boyz Rapper 4

Nicholas Cascone
Barry Pearl

Bruce A. Young
Charles Soward

Byron Minns
Saladin / Eddie Jones

Taylor Young
Emily Byrne

Susan Dalian

Johnathan Wesley Wallace
Antoine Bonét

J.W. Smith
Mess Guard

John David Jackson

Michael Bailey Smith

Peter Jason
Oakland TV Announcer

Steve Heinze

Ken Medlock
Guard 1

George Grigas
Tower Guard 1

Christopher Wynne
Central Security Guard

George Christy
Reporter 1

James Alan Hensz
Reporter 2

John D. Harrington
Reporter 3

Toby Gibson

Daren Libonatt

Rose Rollins
Tawnee Rawlins

Maureen O'Boyle

Elaine Kagan
Lady Judge

Sandra Vidal
Fight Fan

Alexander Nevsky
Prisoner (uncredited)

It Crew included: David Giler as Writer(Writing), Walter Hill as Director(Directing), Camille Friend as Makeup Effects(Crew), Wesley Snipes as Executive Producer(Production), Walter Hill as Producer(Production), Andrew Sugerman as Producer(Production), Phil Norden as Editor(Editing), John Thompson as Executive Producer(Production), Sandra Schulberg as Executive Producer(Production), Trevor Short as Executive Producer(Production), Boaz Davidson as Executive Producer(Production), Avi Lerner as Executive Producer(Production), Danny Dimbort as Executive Producer(Production), Rudolf G. Wiesmeier as Executive Producer(Production), Stanley Clarke as Original Music Composer(Sound), Brad Krevoy as Producer(Production), Freeman A. Davies as Editor(Editing), Walter Hill as Writer(Writing), David Giler as Producer(Production), Lloyd Ahern II as Director of Photography(Camera), Cole S. McKay as Fight Choreographer(Crew), Eric Chambers as Stunts(Crew), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Released
Released on:
17 July 2002

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