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The Windermere Children (2020)
Drama, War, History . 01 h 28 m


The story of the pioneering project to rehabilitate child survivors of the Holocaust on the shores of Lake Windermere.

Release Date

27 January 2020


English, German,

Produced By

Wall to Wall, Warner Bros. International Television Production Germany, ZDF, Northern Ireland Screen, BBC,

Directed by :
Michael Samuels

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"The Windermere Children - " is english Language Movie.

"The Windermere Children" was released on 27 January 2020 .

The movie was directed by Michael Samuels

It has cast of: Thomas Kretschmann as Oscar Friedmann, Romola Garai as Marie Paneth, Iain Glen as Jock Lawrence, Tim McInnerny as Leonard Montefiore, Marcel Sabat as Berish Lerner, Philipp Christopher as Georg Lauer, Anna Schumacher as Edith Lauer, Konstantin Frank as Rabbi Weiss, Marek Wroblewski as Schmuel 'Sam' Laskier, Pascal Fischer as Benyak 'Ben' Helfgott, Jakub Jankiewicz as Salek Falinower, B.J. Hogg as Dr Willenshaw, Tara Cush as Yvonne, Anna Maciejewska as Sala Feiermann, Tomasz Studzinski as Arek Hershlikovicz, Lukasz Zieba as Juliusz, Alicia Pokladecka as Bela, India Angerman as Toddler 1, Cal O'Driscoll as Malcolm, Colm McCready as Malcolm's Friend, Jonathan Cameron as Malcolm's Friend, Ali White as Woman with a Dog - Mrs. Walker, Thomas Finnegan as Chiel Falinower, Arek Hersh as Himself, Chaim Olmer as Himself, Ben Helfgott as Himself, Schmuel Lasker as Himself, Icek Alterman as Himself in lead roles.

Series Cast

It Crew included: Eleanor Greene as Executive Producer(Production), Alex Baranowski as Music(Sound), Wojciech Szepel as Cinematography(Crew), Michael Samuels as Director(Directing), Leanne Klein as Executive Producer(Production), Simon Block as Writer(Writing), Alison Sterling as Producer(Production), Ben Evans as Development Producer(Production), Victoria Boydell as Editor(Editing), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Released
Released on:
27 January 2020

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The Windermere Children | Trailer