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The Taste of Things (2023)
Romance, Drama . 02 h 15 m


Set in 1889 France, Dodin Bouffant is a chef living with his personal cook and lover Eugénie. They share a long history of gastronomy and love but Eugénie refuses to marry Dodin, so the food lover decides to do something he has never done before: cook for her.

Release Date

08 November 2023



Produced By

Curiosa Films, France 2 Cinéma, uMedia, Gaumont, France Télévisions, Canal+, Ciné+, Région des Pays-de-la-Loire, CNC, uFund, PROCIREP, Umedia,

Directed by :
Tran Anh Hung

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"The Taste of Things - Savor every moment." is french Language Movie.

"The Taste of Things" was released on 08 November 2023 it had a budget of $6,500,000 and had box office collection of $4,892,935.

The movie was directed by Tran Anh Hung

It has cast of: Juliette Binoche as Eugénie, Benoît Magimel as Dodin, Patrick d'Assumçao as Grimaud, Emmanuel Salinger as Rabaz, Jan Hammenecker as Magot, Frédéric Fisbach as Beaubois, Galatéa Bellugi as Violette, Pierre Gagnaire as Küchenchef des Prinzen, Bonnie Chagneau-Ravoire as Pauline, Yannik Landrein as Père de Pauline, Sarah Adler as Mère de Pauline, Jean-Marc Roulot as Augustin, Mhamed Arezki as Le Prince in lead roles.

Series Cast

It Crew included: Christine De Jekel as Executive Producer(Production), Olivier Delbosc as Producer(Production), Thomas Gauder as Sound Re-Recording Mixer(Sound), Nathalie Leborgne as Key Costumer(Costume & Make-Up), Aline Gavroy as Foley Mixer(Sound), Olivier Thys as Foley Artist(Sound), Tran Anh Hung as Screenplay(Writing), Tran Anh Hung as Director(Directing), Tran Nu Yen Khe as Costume Designer(Costume & Make-Up), Angeline Massoni as Production Manager(Production), Angeline Massoni as Production Director(Production), Gigi Akoka as Casting Director(Production), Mario Battistel as Editor(Editing), Cathy Mlakar as Script Supervisor(Directing), Jonathan Ricquebourg as Director of Photography(Camera), Paul Heymans as Sound Editor(Sound), Marthe Faucouit as Makeup Artist(Costume & Make-Up), Valène Leroy as Dialogue Editor(Sound), Bastien Sirodot as Co-Producer(Production), Bénédicte Trouvé as Makeup Artist(Costume & Make-Up), Stéphanie Branchu as Still Photographer(Camera), Toma Baqueni as Production Design(Art), Noa Yehonatan as Makeup Department Head(Costume & Make-Up), Thibaud Rie as Foley Editor(Sound), Valentine Kervagoret as Production Supervisor(Production), Georges Harnack as Gaffer(Lighting), Yov Moor as Colorist(Editing), Florian Cornet as ADR Editor(Sound), Cyrille Hubert as First Assistant Camera(Camera), Cédric Iland as Co-Producer(Production), Louise le Bouc Berger as Assistant Art Director(Art), Bruno Cellier as Key Grip(Camera), Emilien Bignon as Associate Producer(Production), Marie Pierre Delabrière as Extras Casting(Production), Sophie Asse as Hair Department Head(Costume & Make-Up), Thierry Verrier as First Assistant Director(Directing), Céleste Ougier as Second Assistant Camera(Camera), Kevin Strauch as Grip(Camera), Coline Hieronimus as Production Assistant(Production), Colin Lefebvre as Electrician(Lighting), Xavier Jounieaux as Electrician(Lighting), Oriane Brisson-Bertrand as Third Assistant Director(Directing), Benoit Gallais as Electrician(Lighting), Florian Berthellot as Steadicam Operator(Camera), Marcel Rouff as Novel(Writing), Pierre Py as Unit Production Manager(Production), Maeva Gauthier as Casting Assistant(Production), Céline Deniard as Video Assist Operator(Crew), Emilie Lecoq as Assistant Property Master(Art), Loanne Trevisan as Assistant Editor(Editing), Jules Bertier as Sound(Sound), Nora Chabert as Co-Executive Producer(Production), Axelle Rossini as Second Assistant Director(Directing), Nell Mahé as Assistant Location Manager(Production), in lead roles.

Series Crew

Christine De Jekel
Executive Producer

Olivier Delbosc

Thomas Gauder
Sound Re-Recording Mixer

Nathalie Leborgne
Key Costumer
O:Costume & Make-Up

Aline Gavroy
Foley Mixer

Olivier Thys
Foley Artist

Tran Anh Hung

Tran Anh Hung

Tran Nu Yen Khe
Costume Designer
O:Costume & Make-Up

Angeline Massoni
Production Manager

Angeline Massoni
Production Director

Gigi Akoka
Casting Director

Mario Battistel

Cathy Mlakar
Script Supervisor

Jonathan Ricquebourg
Director of Photography

Paul Heymans
Sound Editor

Marthe Faucouit
Makeup Artist
O:Costume & Make-Up

Valène Leroy
Dialogue Editor

Bastien Sirodot

Bénédicte Trouvé
Makeup Artist
O:Costume & Make-Up

Stéphanie Branchu
Still Photographer

Toma Baqueni
Production Design

Noa Yehonatan
Makeup Department Head
O:Costume & Make-Up

Thibaud Rie
Foley Editor

Valentine Kervagoret
Production Supervisor

Georges Harnack

Yov Moor

Florian Cornet
ADR Editor

Cyrille Hubert
First Assistant Camera

Cédric Iland

Louise le Bouc Berger
Assistant Art Director

Bruno Cellier
Key Grip

Emilien Bignon
Associate Producer

Marie Pierre Delabrière
Extras Casting

Sophie Asse
Hair Department Head
O:Costume & Make-Up

Thierry Verrier
First Assistant Director

Céleste Ougier
Second Assistant Camera

Kevin Strauch

Coline Hieronimus
Production Assistant

Colin Lefebvre

Xavier Jounieaux

Oriane Brisson-Bertrand
Third Assistant Director

Benoit Gallais

Florian Berthellot
Steadicam Operator

Marcel Rouff

Pierre Py
Unit Production Manager

Maeva Gauthier
Casting Assistant

Céline Deniard
Video Assist Operator

Emilie Lecoq
Assistant Property Master

Loanne Trevisan
Assistant Editor

Jules Bertier

Nora Chabert
Co-Executive Producer

Axelle Rossini
Second Assistant Director

Nell Mahé
Assistant Location Manager
Snap Shot
Status: Released
Released on:
08 November 2023

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