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The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe (1994)
Documentary . 00 h 45 m


Descend into the dark world and tragic life of the melancholy author who is the uncontested master of the macabre, and hear excerpts from his famous works.

Release Date

01 January 1994



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Greystone Communications,
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"The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe - " is english Language Movie.

"The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe" was released on 01 January 1994 .

It has cast of: James R. Furqueron as Director, The Edgar Allen Poe Museum / Richmond, VA, J. Gerald Kennedy as Author of Poe, Death and the Life of Writing, Jeff Gerome as Curator, Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum, Arno Karlen as Writer & Therapist, Richard Kopley as Professor at Penn State University, Paul Clemens as Writer & Poe Scholar, Norman George as Edgar Allen Poe in lead roles.

Series Cast

It Crew included: Craig Haffner as Executive Producer(Production), Donna E. Lusitana as Executive Producer(Production), Noah Morowitz as Producer(Production), Lois Yaffee as Coordinating Producer(Production), Melanie Blythe as Producer(Production), Christopher L. Stone as Music(Sound), Michael Andrews as Editor(Editing), Kevin Browne as Editor(Editing), J.V. Martin as Researcher(Production), Eric Lindstrom as Post Production Assistant(Crew), Diane Ferenczi as Post Production Supervisor(Crew), Robert Senkel as Post Production Assistant(Crew), Troy Bogert as Production Office Assistant(Crew), Darren Patz as Production Office Assistant(Crew), Bryan Schmidt as Production Office Assistant(Crew), Marcus Segal as Production Office Assistant(Crew), Armando Almanza as Camera Operator(Camera), Michael Berry as Camera Operator(Camera), Brian Pratt as Camera Operator(Camera), Bowden Hunt as Camera Operator(Camera), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Released
Released on:
01 January 1994

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