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Tell No One (2006)
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery . 02 h 11 m


A man receives a mysterious e-mail appearing to be from his wife, who was murdered years earlier. As he frantically tries to find out whether she's alive, he finds himself being implicated in her death.

Release Date

01 November 2006



Produced By

Les Productions du Trésor, EuropaCorp, M6 Films, Caneo Films, Sofica EuropaCorp, Canal+, CinéCinéma,

Directed by :
Guillaume Canet

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"Tell No One - Eight years ago Alex's wife was murdered. Today she emailed him." is french Language Movie.

"Tell No One" was released on 01 November 2006 it had a budget of $11,700,000.

The movie was directed by Guillaume Canet

It has cast of: François Cluzet as Docteur Alexandre Arnaud Beck, Marie-Josée Croze as Margot Beck, Kristin Scott Thomas as Hélène Perkins, François Berléand as Eric Levkowitch, André Dussollier as Jacques Laurentin, Marina Hands as Anne Beck, Jean Rochefort as Gilbert Neuville, Guillaume Canet as Philippe Neuville, Olivier Marchal as Bernard Valenti, Florence Thomassin as Charlotte Bertaud, Philippe Lefebvre as Lieutenant Philippe Meynard, Gilles Lellouche as Bruno, Nathalie Baye as Maître Elysabeth Feldman, Dorothée Brière as L'hôtesse de l'air, Brigitte Catillon as Capitaine Barthas, Samir Guesmi as Lieutenant Saraoui, Jean-Pierre Lorit as Adjudant-chef Lavelle, Jalil Lespert as Yaël Gonzales, Eric Savin as Le procureur, Éric Naggar as Maître Pierre Ferrault, Danièle Ajoret as Madame Beck, Daniel Znyk as Le médecin-légiste, Laurent Lafitte as Le Basque, Mikaela Fisher as Zak, Thierry Neuvic as Marc Bertaud, Christof Veillon as Le douanier, Anne Marivin as Secrétaire d'Alex, Sara Martins as L'amie de Bruno, Jean-Noël Brouté as Docteur Dubois, Joël Dupuch as Homme massif, Martine Chevallier as Martine Laurentin, Maxim Nucci as Assistant de Charlotte Bertaud, Hugo Sélignac as Mannequin studio photo, Ludovic Bergery as Jeune policier, Alexandra Mercouroff as La mère de Lucille, Lola Lefebvre as Lucille in lead roles.

Series Cast

François Cluzet
Docteur Alexandre Arnaud Beck

Marie-Josée Croze
Margot Beck

Kristin Scott Thomas
Hélène Perkins

François Berléand
Eric Levkowitch

André Dussollier
Jacques Laurentin

Marina Hands
Anne Beck

Jean Rochefort
Gilbert Neuville

Guillaume Canet
Philippe Neuville

Olivier Marchal
Bernard Valenti

Florence Thomassin
Charlotte Bertaud

Philippe Lefebvre
Lieutenant Philippe Meynard

Gilles Lellouche

Nathalie Baye
Maître Elysabeth Feldman

Dorothée Brière
L'hôtesse de l'air

Brigitte Catillon
Capitaine Barthas

Samir Guesmi
Lieutenant Saraoui

Jean-Pierre Lorit
Adjudant-chef Lavelle

Jalil Lespert
Yaël Gonzales

Eric Savin
Le procureur

Éric Naggar
Maître Pierre Ferrault

Danièle Ajoret
Madame Beck

Daniel Znyk
Le médecin-légiste

Laurent Lafitte
Le Basque

Mikaela Fisher

Thierry Neuvic
Marc Bertaud

Christof Veillon
Le douanier

Anne Marivin
Secrétaire d'Alex

Sara Martins
L'amie de Bruno

Jean-Noël Brouté
Docteur Dubois

Joël Dupuch
Homme massif

Martine Chevallier
Martine Laurentin

Maxim Nucci
Assistant de Charlotte Bertaud

Hugo Sélignac
Mannequin studio photo

Ludovic Bergery
Jeune policier

Alexandra Mercouroff
La mère de Lucille

Lola Lefebvre

It Crew included: Guillaume Canet as Director(Directing), Guillaume Canet as Screenplay(Writing), Alain Attal as Producer(Production), Matthieu Chedid as Original Music Composer(Sound), Christophe Offenstein as Director of Photography(Camera), Hervé de Luze as Editor(Editing), Pierre-Ange Le Pogam as Executive Producer(Production), Brigitte Moidon as Casting(Production), Philippe Chiffre as Production Design(Art), Carine Sarfati as Costume Design(Costume & Make-Up), Harlan Coben as Novel(Writing), Philippe Lefebvre as Screenplay(Writing), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Released
Released on:
01 November 2006

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