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Tarot (2024)
Horror, Thriller . 01 h 32 m


When a group of friends recklessly violates the sacred rule of Tarot readings they unknowingly unleash an unspeakable evil trapped within the cursed cards. One by one, they come face to face with fate and end up in a race against death.

Release Date

01 May 2024



Produced By

Screen Gems, Alloy Entertainment, Ground Control Entertainment, Capstone Pictures,

Directed by :
Anna Halberg

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"Tarot - Your fate is in the cards." is english Language Movie.

"Tarot" was released on 01 May 2024 it had a budget of $8,250,000 and had box office collection of $20,215,419.

The movie was directed by Anna Halberg

It has cast of: Harriet Slater as Haley, Adain Bradley as Grant, Avantika as Paige, Jacob Batalon as Paxton, Humberly Gonzalez as Madeline, Wolfgang Novogratz as Lucas, Larsen Thompson as Elise, Olwen Fouéré as Alma Astryn, Sunčica Milanović as Astrologer, Alan Wells as Hanson, Joss Carter as The Devil, James Swanton as The Hermit / The Magician, Staša Nikolić as The Countess, Anna Halberg as Wells in lead roles.

Series Cast

It Crew included: Spenser Cohen as Screenplay(Writing), Anna Halberg as Screenplay(Writing), Spenser Cohen as Director(Directing), Anna Halberg as Director(Directing), Spenser Cohen as Executive Producer(Production), Scott Glassgold as Producer(Production), Anna Halberg as Executive Producer(Production), Elysa Koplovitz Dutton as Producer(Production), Leslie Morgenstein as Producer(Production), Andrew Pfeffer as Executive Producer(Production), Nancy Nayor as Casting(Production), Nicholas Adam as Book(Writing), Elie Smolkin as Director of Photography(Camera), Tom Elkins as Editor(Editing), Joseph Bishara as Original Music Composer(Sound), Felicity Abbott as Production Design(Art), Dragan Kaplarević as Art Direction(Art), Srđan Nedeljković as Art Direction(Art), Sonja Nenadić as Set Decoration(Art), Malcolm Stone as Set Decoration(Art), Ivana Vasić as Costume Design(Costume & Make-Up), Nicholas Adams as Writer(Writing), Scott Strauss as Executive Producer(Production), Scott Strauss as Executive In Charge Of Production(Production), Vladimir Ciric as Assistant Art Director(Art), Bruce N. Hill as Supervising Art Director(Art), Ivana Burilo as Stunts(Crew), Slaviša Ivanović as Stunt Coordinator(Crew), Djamel Bride as Stunt Double(Crew), Jelena Bakovic as Stunts(Crew), Dalibor Kostic as Stunts(Crew), Marko Joksimović as Stunts(Crew), Josh Sgarlata as Editor(Editing), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Released
Released on:
01 May 2024

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In Cinemas May 1
In Cinemas May 1
In Cinemas May 1