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Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (1991)
Comedy, Drama . 01 h 57 m


Two minor characters from the play 'Hamlet' stumble around unaware of their scripted lives and unable to deviate from them.

Release Date

08 February 1991



Produced By

Thirteen, Brandenberg,

Directed by :
Tom Stoppard

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"Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead - A man talking sense to himself is no madder than a man talking nonsense not to himself." is english Language Movie.

"Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead" was released on 08 February 1991 .

The movie was directed by Tom Stoppard

It has cast of: Gary Oldman as Rosencrantz, Tim Roth as Guildenstern, Richard Dreyfuss as The Player, Iain Glen as Hamlet, Ian Richardson as Polonius, Donald Sumpter as Claudius, Joanna Miles as Gertrude, Joanna Roth as Ophelia, John Burgess as Ambassador from England, Livio Badurina as Tragedian, Tomislav Maretic as Tragedian, Mare Mlacnik as Tragedian, Serge Soric as Tragedian, Mladen Vasary as Tragedian, Željko Vukmirica as Tragedian, Branko Završan as Tragedian, Ljubo Zečević as Osric, Sven Medvešek as Laertes, Vili Matula as Horatio in lead roles.

Series Cast

It Crew included: Tom Stoppard as Director(Directing), Tom Stoppard as Writer(Writing), Nicolas Gaster as Editor(Editing), William Shakespeare as Theatre Play(Writing), Stanley Myers as Music(Sound), Vaughan Edwards as Production Design(Art), Ivo Hušnjak as Art Direction(Art), Peter Biziou as Director of Photography(Camera), Andreane Neofitou as Costume Design(Costume & Make-Up), Michael Brandman as Producer(Production), Doreen Jones as Casting(Production), Emanuel Azenberg as Producer(Production), Vicki Deason as Production Coordinator(Production), Iris Merlis as Co-Producer(Production), Patrick Whitley as Co-Producer(Production), Louise Stephens as Executive Producer(Production), Thomas J. Rizzo as Executive Producer(Production), Tom Stoppard as Theatre Play(Writing), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Released
Released on:
08 February 1991

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