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Pinocchio 3000 (2004)
Animation, Family, Fantasy, Science Fiction . 01 h 23 m


This is the story of a little robot known as Pinocchio 3000 whose greatest wish is to become a real boy. The year is 3000. Geppetto, with the help of his faithful assistant, Spencer the cyber penguin, and by the holographic fairy Cyberina, creates Pinocchio, a prototype superrobot equipped for emotions. But before he can be given a heart and become a real boy, Cyberina insists that Pinocchio learn the difference between right and wrong.

Release Date

14 May 2004


Spanish, French, English,

Produced By

CinéGroupe, Anima Kids, Bren Entertainment, France 2 Cinéma, Filmax Animation, Filmax, Canal+, Téléfilm Canada, CNC, Vía Digital, Castelao Productions,

Directed by :
Daniel Robichaud

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"Pinocchio 3000 - " is english Language Movie.

"Pinocchio 3000" was released on 14 May 2004 .

The movie was directed by Daniel Robichaud

It has cast of: Malcolm McDowell as Scamboli (voice), Sonja Ball as Pinocchio (voice), Howard Ryshpan as Geppetto (voice), Whoopi Goldberg as Cyberina (voice), Howie Mandel as Spencer (voice), Bobby Edner as Jake (voice), Barbara Tissier as Marlène (voice), Matt Holland as Cab (voice), Jack Daniel Wells as Rodo (voice), Dawn Ford as Additional Voices (voice) in lead roles.

Series Cast

It Crew included: Daniel Robichaud as Director(Directing), Carlo Collodi as Original Story(Writing), James Gelfand as Music(Sound), Claude Scasso as Writer(Writing), Peter Svatek as Adaptation(Writing), Claudette Duff as Editor(Editing), Viateur Paiement as Supervising Sound Editor(Sound), Carlos L. Fesser as Sound Editor(Sound), Jordi Arques as Sound Editor(Sound), Juan Manuel Ges as Sound Editor(Sound), Jean-François Sauvé as Sound Editor(Sound), Marie-Claude Gagné as Sound Editor(Sound), Mario Choquette as Sound Editor(Sound), Sylvain Bourgault as Sound Editor(Sound), Louis Collin as Sound Mixer(Sound), David Calleja as Sound Mixer(Sound), Guy Francoeur as Foley Artist(Sound), Jo Caron as Foley Artist(Sound), Phillipe Frumignac as Foley Artist(Sound), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Released
Released on:
14 May 2004

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Pinocchio 3000 (2004) Trailer
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