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Odd Squad: The Movie (2016)
Family, Comedy, Science Fiction . 01 h 07 m


The Odd Squad springs into action when a rival group called Weird Team starts to cover up problems instead of solving them.

Release Date

01 August 2016



Produced By

Sinking Ship Entertainment, PBS KIDS, Fred Rogers Productions,

Directed by :
J.J. Johnson

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"Odd Squad: The Movie - " is english Language Movie.

"Odd Squad: The Movie" was released on 01 August 2016 .

The movie was directed by J.J. Johnson

It has cast of: Millie Davis as Ms. O, Anna Cathcart as Olympia, Isaac Kragten as Otis, Dalila Bela as Olive, Filip Geljo as Otto, Sean Michael Kyer as Oscar, Jack McBrayer as Weird Tom, Olivia Presti as Oona, Peyton Kennedy as Dr. O, Jaiden Cannatelli as Ohlm, Michela Luci as Orchid, Christian Distefano as Owen, Seán Cullen as Mayor Macklemore, Ava Preston as Polly Graph, Ashley Botting as Delivery Debbie, Madeleine Barbeau as Oksana, Eshaan Buadwal as Olaf, Christian Corrao as The Big O, Brendan Heard as Oren, Ana Sani as Annette, DeAndray Hamilton as Coach O, Lukas Engel as Assistant to Big O, Steve Paiken as Himself, Tate Yap as O'Donahue, Patrice Goodman as Boss, Jaeden Noel as Agent Obfusco, Hannah Simone as Weird Emily in lead roles.

Series Cast

It Crew included: J.J. Johnson as Director(Directing), Adam Peltzman as Teleplay(Writing), Amy Benham as Staff Writer(Writing), Mark De Angelis as Story(Writing), Mark De Angelis as Teleplay(Writing), Tim McKeon as Story(Writing), Paul Buckley as Sound(Sound), George Lajtai as Cinematography(Crew), Blair Powers as Executive Producer(Production), Paul Siefken as Executive Producer(Production), J.J. Johnson as Executive Producer(Production), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Released
Released on:
01 August 2016

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Odd Squad The Movie Behind the Scenes
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