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New World (2013)
Thriller, Crime, Drama . 02 h 14 m


An undercover cop has his loyalties tested when the boss of the corporate gang he's spent years infiltrating dies.

Release Date

21 February 2013



Produced By

Sanai Pictures, Peppermint&company, Daemyung Culture Factory, Next Entertainment World, kth, Finecut,

Directed by :
Park Hoon-jung

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"New World - Three Men. Three Ways. To A Different World." is korean Language Movie.

"New World" was released on 21 February 2013 .

The movie was directed by Park Hoon-jung

It has cast of: Lee Jung-jae as Lee Ja-sung, Choi Min-sik as Kang Hyung-chul, Hwang Jung-min as Jung Chung, Park Sung-woong as Lee Joong-gu, Song Ji-hyo as Shin-woo, Kim Yoon-sung as Seok-moo, Na Kwang-hoon as Yang Moon-seok, Park Seo-yeon as Han Joo-kyung, Choi Il-hwa as Jang Su-ki, Ju Jin-mo as Officer at National Police Agency, Jang Gwang as Mob Director Yang, Kwon Tae-won as Mob Director Park, Kim Hong-pa as Mob Director Kim, Lee Kyung-young as Seok Dong-chool, Ryoo Seung-bum as Police Constable Kang Chul-Hwa (uncredited), Ma Dong-seok as Section Chief Jo, Kim Byeong-ok as Korean-Chinese Hitman 1, Woo Jung-kook as Korean-Chinese Hitman 2, Park In-Soo as Korean-Chinese Hitman 3, Jung Young-ki as Korean-Chinese Hitman 4, Park Sang-gyu as Police Executive, Ryu Sung-hyun as Executive (uncredited), Jeong Gi-seop as Executive (uncredited), Sung Nak-kyung as Executive (uncredited), Jeong Min-seong as Detective (uncredited), Ahn Soo-ho as Dr. Choi, Tae In-ho as Subordinate (uncredited), Jeong Jae-heon as Jung Chung's Gang Member (uncredited), Kim Seo-won as Jung Chung's Gang Member (uncredited), Park Ji-hoon as Jung Chung's Gang Member (uncredited), Kwak Jin-seok as Jung Chung's Gang Member (uncredited), Ham Jin Sung as Jung Chung's Gang Member (uncredited), Choi Je-heon as Lee Joong-goo's Group (uncredited), Baek Seung-ik as Cheonan (uncredited), Dong Hyun-bae as Police Officer (uncredited), Han Jae-duk as Boss (uncredited) in lead roles.

Series Cast

Lee Jung-jae
Lee Ja-sung

Choi Min-sik
Kang Hyung-chul

Hwang Jung-min
Jung Chung

Park Sung-woong
Lee Joong-gu

Song Ji-hyo

Kim Yoon-sung

Na Kwang-hoon
Yang Moon-seok

Park Seo-yeon
Han Joo-kyung

Choi Il-hwa
Jang Su-ki

Ju Jin-mo
Officer at National Police Agency

Jang Gwang
Mob Director Yang

Kwon Tae-won
Mob Director Park

Kim Hong-pa
Mob Director Kim

Lee Kyung-young
Seok Dong-chool

Ryoo Seung-bum
Police Constable Kang Chul-Hwa (uncredited)

Ma Dong-seok
Section Chief Jo

Kim Byeong-ok
Korean-Chinese Hitman 1

Woo Jung-kook
Korean-Chinese Hitman 2

Park In-Soo
Korean-Chinese Hitman 3

Jung Young-ki
Korean-Chinese Hitman 4

Park Sang-gyu
Police Executive

Ryu Sung-hyun
Executive (uncredited)

Jeong Gi-seop
Executive (uncredited)

Sung Nak-kyung
Executive (uncredited)

Jeong Min-seong
Detective (uncredited)

Ahn Soo-ho
Dr. Choi

Tae In-ho
Subordinate (uncredited)

Jeong Jae-heon
Jung Chung's Gang Member (uncredited)

Kim Seo-won
Jung Chung's Gang Member (uncredited)

Park Ji-hoon
Jung Chung's Gang Member (uncredited)

Kwak Jin-seok
Jung Chung's Gang Member (uncredited)

Ham Jin Sung
Jung Chung's Gang Member (uncredited)

Choi Je-heon
Lee Joong-goo's Group (uncredited)

Baek Seung-ik
Cheonan (uncredited)

Dong Hyun-bae
Police Officer (uncredited)

Han Jae-duk
Boss (uncredited)

It Crew included: Son Na-ri as Costume Design(Costume & Make-Up), Park Hoon-jung as Director(Directing), Park Hoon-jung as Screenplay(Writing), Park Min-jeong as Producer(Production), Chung Chung-hoon as Director of Photography(Camera), Cho Sang-kyung as Costume Design(Costume & Make-Up), Cho Young-wuk as Original Music Composer(Sound), Kim Hyun-woo as Co-Producer(Production), Han Jae-duk as Producer(Production), Jo Hwa-seong as Production Design(Art), Yu Eok as Director of Photography(Camera), Bae Il-hyuck as Lighting Director(Lighting), Kim Hyun-jung as Makeup & Hair(Costume & Make-Up), Kim Chang-sub as Sound Supervisor(Sound), Son Min-jeong as Conceptual Design(Art), Moon Se-kyoung as Editor(Editing), Kim Woo-taek as Executive Producer(Production), Kwak Tae-yong as Special Effects Makeup Artist(Costume & Make-Up), Han Dong-wook as Assistant Director(Directing), Heo Myeong-haeng as Fight Choreographer(Crew), Pi Dae-seong as Special Effects Makeup Artist(Costume & Make-Up), Kim Seon-wung as Stunts(Crew), Kim Chang-sub as Sound Designer(Sound), Jung Gun as Production Sound Mixer(Sound), Jung Do-ahn as Special Effects Supervisor(Visual Effects), Park Jin-ho as Digital Intermediate(Editing), Yoon Sung-hye as Art Direction(Art), Jeong Yoon-heon as Stunts(Crew), Lee Bong-woo as Set Decoration(Art), Choi Bong-rock as Stunts(Crew), Kwon Ji-hoon as Stunts(Crew), Jung Il-seo as Key Grip(Camera), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Released
Released on:
21 February 2013

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New World (Sinsegye) (2013) Trailer
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