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My Acting Coach Nightmare (2024)
Thriller, TV Movie . 01 h 27 m


Widowed Lisa's stable life unravels when her aspiring teen actress daughter falls under a suspicious Hollywood acting coach's spell. Lisa embarks on a desperate mission to Hollywood to rescue her daughter before it's too late.

Release Date

24 March 2024



Produced By

Hyperborea Films, Lifetime,

Directed by :
Glenn Ciano

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"My Acting Coach Nightmare - " is english Language Movie.

"My Acting Coach Nightmare" was released on 24 March 2024 .

The movie was directed by Glenn Ciano

It has cast of: Samaire Armstrong as Lisa, Erik von Detten as Mark, Cameron Jebo as Max, Chris Whitcomb as Alex, Neela Jolene as Sienna, Victoria Mirrer as Haley, Sabrina Corsino as Acting Student, Valyn Lyric Turner as Amy in lead roles.

Series Cast

It Crew included: Glenn Ciano as Director(Directing), Michael Varrati as Writer(Writing), Kendall Anlian as Story(Writing), Kendall Anlian as Executive Producer(Production), David Gere as Executive Producer(Production), Paul Luba as Producer(Production), Andre Relis as Producer(Production), Chelsea Vale as Executive Producer(Production), Chad Verdi Jr. as Producer(Production), Christopher Bye as Cinematography(Crew), Paul Stamper as Editor(Editing), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Released
Released on:
24 March 2024

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