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Mars Express (2023)
Animation, Science Fiction, Action, Mystery . 01 h 28 m


In 2200, private detective Aline Ruby and her android partner Carlos Rivera are hired by a wealthy businessman to track down a notorious hacker. On Mars, they descend deep into the underbelly of the planet's capital city where they uncover a darker story of brain farms, corruption, and a missing girl who holds a secret about the robots that threatens to change the face of the universe.

Release Date

22 November 2023


German, French,

Produced By

Everybody on Deck, Gébéka Films, MK2 Films,

Directed by :
Jérémie Périn

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"Mars Express - Built to serve. Programmed to live." is french Language Movie.

"Mars Express" was released on 22 November 2023 it had a budget of $7,900,000.

The movie was directed by Jérémie Périn

It has cast of: Léa Drucker as Aline Ruby (voice), Mathieu Amalric as Chris Roy Jacker (voice), Daniel Njo Lobé as Carlos Rivera (voice), Marie Bouvet as Roberta Williams (voice), Sébastien Chassagne as Inspector Simon Gordaux (voice), Marthe Keller as Beryl (voice), Geneviève Doang as Jun Chow / Jun Chow 2 (voice), Thomas Roditi as Lem (voice), Usul as Le Professeur (voice), Nicolas Justamon as Brian Jobi (voice), Jérémie Bédrune as Philippe (voice), Thierry Jahn as , Serge Faliu as , Eilias Changuel as , Barbara Delsol as , Nathalie Karsenti as , Angéline Henneguelle as , Charlotte Junière as , Fanny Vambacas as , Delphine Braillon as , Emmanuel Bonami as , Martial Le Minoux as , Laurent Sarfati as , Renaud Jesionek as , Maxime Pacaud as , Marie Chevalot as in lead roles.

Series Cast

It Crew included: Jérémie Périn as Creator(Crew), Mikael Robert as Art Direction(Art), Jérémie Périn as Director(Directing), Fred Avril as Music(Sound), Jérémie Périn as Writer(Writing), Laurent Sarfati as Writer(Writing), Philippe Monthaye as Music(Sound), Arnauld Boulard as Unit Production Manager(Production), Fanny Bricoteau as Sound Supervisor(Sound), Kévin Feildel as Foley Mixer(Sound), Grégory Vincent as Foley Artist(Sound), Cyprien Nozières as Compositing Supervisor(Visual Effects), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Released
Released on:
22 November 2023

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