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Man in the Saddle (1951)
Western . 01 h 27 m


A small rancher is being harassed by his mighty and powerful neighbor. When the neighbor even hires gunmen to intimidate him he has to defend himself and his property by means of violence.

Release Date

02 December 1951



Produced By

Columbia Pictures, Scott-Brown Productions,

Directed by :
André de Toth

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"Man in the Saddle - SIX-GUN SHOWDOWN IN THE SIERRAS" is english Language Movie.

"Man in the Saddle" was released on 02 December 1951 .

The movie was directed by André de Toth

It has cast of: Randolph Scott as Owen Merrit, Joan Leslie as Laurie Bidwell Isham, Ellen Drew as Nan Melotte, Alexander Knox as Will Isham, Richard Rober as Fay Dutcher, John Russell as Hugh Clagg, Alfonso Bedoya as Cultus Charley, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams as Bourke Prine, Clem Bevans as Pay Lankershim, Cameron Mitchell as George Vird, Richard Crane as Juke Vird, Frank Sully as Lee Repp, Don Beddoe as Love Bidwell (uncredited), Tennessee Ernie Ford as Wrangler (uncredited), Frank Hagney as Ned Bale (uncredited), James Kirkwood as Sheriff Medary (uncredited), George Lloyd as Tom Croker (uncredited), Kermit Maynard as Gunman (uncredited), Dorothy Phillips as Townswoman (uncredited), Ada Adams as , Bob Burns as , Roydon Clark as , James Dime as , Frank Ellis as , Joe Garcio as , Curley Gibson as , Herman Hack as , Al Haskell as , Reed Howes as , James Pier Mason as , David O. McCall as , Kansas Moehring as , G. Raymond Nye as , Frank O'Connor as , Artie Ortego as , Carlos Rivero as , Ray Spiker as , Rosa Turich as , Peter Virgo as , George D. Wallace as , Blackjack Ward as , Blackie Whiteford as in lead roles.

Series Cast

Randolph Scott
Owen Merrit

Joan Leslie
Laurie Bidwell Isham

Ellen Drew
Nan Melotte

Alexander Knox
Will Isham

Richard Rober
Fay Dutcher

John Russell
Hugh Clagg

Alfonso Bedoya
Cultus Charley

Guinn "Big Boy" Williams
Bourke Prine

Clem Bevans
Pay Lankershim

Cameron Mitchell
George Vird

Richard Crane
Juke Vird

Frank Sully
Lee Repp

Don Beddoe
Love Bidwell (uncredited)

Tennessee Ernie Ford
Wrangler (uncredited)

Frank Hagney
Ned Bale (uncredited)

James Kirkwood
Sheriff Medary (uncredited)

George Lloyd
Tom Croker (uncredited)

Kermit Maynard
Gunman (uncredited)

Dorothy Phillips
Townswoman (uncredited)

Ada Adams


Bob Burns


Roydon Clark


James Dime


Frank Ellis


Joe Garcio


Curley Gibson


Herman Hack


Al Haskell


Reed Howes


James Pier Mason


David O. McCall


Kansas Moehring


G. Raymond Nye


Frank O'Connor


Artie Ortego


Carlos Rivero


Ray Spiker


Rosa Turich


Peter Virgo


George D. Wallace


Blackjack Ward


Blackie Whiteford


It Crew included: Ernest Haycox as Novel(Writing), Kenneth Gamet as Screenplay(Writing), André de Toth as Director(Directing), Herbert Stewart as Producer's Assistant(Production), Charles Lawton Jr. as Director of Photography(Camera), George Brooks as Art Direction(Art), Charles Nelson as Editor(Editing), Frank Tuttle as Set Decoration(Art), Willard M. Reineck as Assistant Director(Directing), Frank Goodwin as Sound Engineer(Sound), Randolph Scott as Associate Producer(Production), George Duning as Original Music Composer(Sound), Morris Stoloff as Music Director(Sound), Harry Joe Brown as Producer(Production), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Released
Released on:
02 December 1951

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