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Kikujiro (1999)
Comedy, Drama, Family . 01 h 57 m


Brash, loudmouthed and opportunistic, Kikujiro is the unlikely companion for Masao who is determined to see the mother he has never met. The two begin a series of adventures which soon turns out to be a whimsical journey of laughter and tears with a wide array of surprises and unique characters along the way.

Release Date

05 June 1999



Produced By

Nippon Herald Films, Bandai Visual, Office Kitano, Tokyo FM,

Directed by :
Takeshi Kitano

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"Kikujiro - " is japanese Language Movie.

"Kikujiro" was released on 05 June 1999 .

The movie was directed by Takeshi Kitano

It has cast of: Takeshi Kitano as Kikujiro, Yusuke Sekiguchi as Masao, Kayoko Kishimoto as Kikujiro's Wife, Yuko Daike as Masao's Mother, Kazuko Yoshiyuki as Masao's Grandmother, Beat Kiyoshi as Man at Bus Stop, The Great Gidayû as Biker Fatso, Rakkyo Ide as Biker Baldy, Nezumi Imamura as An-chan, Fumie Hosokawa as Juggler Girl, Akaji Maro as Crazy Man, Daigaku Sekine as Yakuza Boss, Makoto Inamiya as Yakuza Henchman #1, Hisahiko Murasawa as Yakuza Henchman #2, Yoji Tanaka as Yakuza Henchman #3, Kanako Kojima as Hostess #1, Fuyu Ooba as Hostess #2, Yuko Yasui as Hostess #3, Chiyomi Matsumoto as Hostess #4, Hidehisa Ebata as Stall-keeper, Isamu Ishizaka as Tengu, Kenta Arai as Masao's Friend, Shinobu Ookawa as Kind Woman (uncredited), Hirotsugu Kurosu as Juggler Girl's Boyfriend (uncredited), Takeshi Ōnishi as Truck Driver (uncredited), Naoto Seshimo as Tap Dancing Barista (uncredited), Kuniharu Tokunaga as Groundkeeper (uncredited), Yoshiyuki Ukon as Hotel Manager (uncredited) in lead roles.

Series Cast

It Crew included: Katsumi Yanagijima as Director of Photography(Camera), Takeshi Kitano as Editor(Editing), Takeshi Kitano as Director(Directing), Takefumi Yoshikawa as Casting(Production), Shinji Komiya as Line Producer(Production), Takeshi Kitano as Screenplay(Writing), Joe Hisaishi as Original Music Composer(Sound), Tatsuo Ozeki as Production Design(Art), Norihiro Isoda as Art Direction(Art), Yoshinori Ota as Editor(Editing), Shinji Komiya as Production Manager(Production), Takio Yoshida as Producer(Production), Masayuki Mori as Producer(Production), Hiroshi Shimizu as Assistant Director(Directing), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Released
Released on:
05 June 1999

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Kikujiro (1999) Original Trailer [FHD]