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Io Capitano (2023)
Adventure, Drama . 02 h 01 m


Longing for a brighter future, two Senegalese teenagers embark on a journey from West Africa to Italy. However, between their dreams and reality lies a labyrinth of checkpoints, the Sahara Desert, and the vast waters of the Mediterranean.

Release Date

07 September 2023


English, French, Wolof,

Produced By

Archimede, RAI Cinema, Pathé, Wallimage, Logical Content Ventures, RTBF, Proximus, VOO & Be tv, Canal+, Ciné+, Tarantula, Shelter Prod,

Directed by :
Matteo Garrone

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"Io Capitano - " is italian Language Movie.

"Io Capitano" was released on 07 September 2023 it had a budget of $13,272,819.

The movie was directed by Matteo Garrone

It has cast of: Seydou Sarr as Seydou, Moustapha Fall as Moussa, Issaka Sawadogo as Martin, Hichem Yacoubi as Ahmed, Doodou Sagna as Charlatan, Khady Sy as Seydou's Mother, Venus Gueye as Seydou's Sister, Cheick Oumar Diaw as Sisko, Joe Lassana as Passport Man, Mamadou Sani as Police Officer at Niger Border, Bamar Kane as Bouba, Beatrice Gnonko as Flying Woman, Flaure B.B. Kabore as Pregnant Woman on Boat, Affif Ben Badra as Desert Pick Up Driver, Observateur Ebène as Connection Man, Jacky Zappa as Detention Center Middle Man, Abdellah Elbkiri as Libyan Buyer, Bidar Abdelahad as Police Officer in Desert, Mohamed Amine Kihel as Libyan Prison Guard, Mouhamed Gaye as Little Angel, Cheikh Ndiaye as Senegalese Foyer Friend in Tripoli, Babacar Diop as Senegalese Foyer Manager in Tripoli, Emilie Adams as Senegalese Foyer Woman in Tripoli, Princess Erika as Woman Caring for Pregnant Woman, Mariam Kaba as Woman in Boat, Aly Niang as Doctor, Taha Benaim as Medicine Seller, Didier Njikam as Le Passeur, Ibrahima Gueye as Migrant in Boat in lead roles.

Series Cast

It Crew included: Dimitri Capuani as Production Design(Art), Matteo Garrone as Director(Directing), Matteo Garrone as Producer(Production), Matteo Garrone as Writer(Writing), Marco Spoletini as Editor(Editing), Massimo Gaudioso as Writer(Writing), Massimo Ceccherini as Writer(Writing), Paolo Carnera as Director of Photography(Camera), Constance Demontoy as Casting(Production), Luca Ferretti as Leadman(Art), Francesco Vedovati as Casting(Production), Andrea Farri as Original Music Composer(Sound), Mirko Perri as Sound Engineer(Sound), Matteo Carlesimo as Camera Operator(Camera), Rachid Aadassi as Costume Supervisor(Costume & Make-Up), Abdelfattah Qzaibar as Costume Supervisor(Costume & Make-Up), Hamza Boumalki as First Assistant Director(Directing), Abdellah Oukseh as Stunt Coordinator(Crew), Paolo Del Brocco as Producer(Production), Elio Terribili as Special Effects Coordinator(Crew), Andrea Tagliaferri as Writer(Writing), Othmane Ajana as Key Costumer(Costume & Make-Up), Davide D'Onofrio as Boom Operator(Sound), Stefano Ciammitti as Costume Design(Costume & Make-Up), Ghislaine Nejjar as Assistant Makeup Artist(Costume & Make-Up), Fabrizio Diamanti as Key Grip(Camera), Gabriele Gorga as Gaffer(Lighting), Benedetta Barroero as First Assistant Director(Directing), Tiziano Saraca as First Assistant Camera(Camera), Roberta Troncarelli as Set Decoration(Art), Théo Richard as Second Assistant Director(Directing), Ivan Ferrandes as Location Manager(Production), Lucie Llopis as Casting Assistant(Production), Daniela Sarli as First Assistant Editor(Editing), Jaouad Chajai as Transportation Captain(Crew), Didier Njikam as Casting(Production), Stefano Puglisi as Production Manager(Production), Andrea Cammertoni as Grip(Camera), Andrea Cuomo as Digital Imaging Technician(Camera), Michael Donatone as Second Assistant Camera(Camera), Andrea Pallini as Data Management Technician(Production), in lead roles.

Series Crew

Dimitri Capuani
Production Design

Matteo Garrone

Matteo Garrone

Matteo Garrone

Marco Spoletini

Massimo Gaudioso

Massimo Ceccherini

Paolo Carnera
Director of Photography

Constance Demontoy

Luca Ferretti

Francesco Vedovati

Andrea Farri
Original Music Composer

Mirko Perri
Sound Engineer

Matteo Carlesimo
Camera Operator

Rachid Aadassi
Costume Supervisor
O:Costume & Make-Up

Abdelfattah Qzaibar
Costume Supervisor
O:Costume & Make-Up

Hamza Boumalki
First Assistant Director

Abdellah Oukseh
Stunt Coordinator

Paolo Del Brocco

Elio Terribili
Special Effects Coordinator

Andrea Tagliaferri

Othmane Ajana
Key Costumer
O:Costume & Make-Up

Davide D'Onofrio
Boom Operator

Stefano Ciammitti
Costume Design
O:Costume & Make-Up

Ghislaine Nejjar
Assistant Makeup Artist
O:Costume & Make-Up

Fabrizio Diamanti
Key Grip

Gabriele Gorga

Benedetta Barroero
First Assistant Director

Tiziano Saraca
First Assistant Camera

Roberta Troncarelli
Set Decoration

Théo Richard
Second Assistant Director

Ivan Ferrandes
Location Manager

Lucie Llopis
Casting Assistant

Daniela Sarli
First Assistant Editor

Jaouad Chajai
Transportation Captain

Didier Njikam

Stefano Puglisi
Production Manager

Andrea Cammertoni

Andrea Cuomo
Digital Imaging Technician

Michael Donatone
Second Assistant Camera

Andrea Pallini
Data Management Technician
Snap Shot
Status: Released
Released on:
07 September 2023

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