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Exhuma (2024)
Mystery, Horror, Thriller . 02 h 14 m


After tracing the origin of a disturbing supernatural affliction to a wealthy family's ancestral gravesite, a team of paranormal experts relocates the remains—and soon discovers what happens to those who dare to mess with the wrong grave.

Release Date

22 February 2024


English, Japanese, Korean,

Produced By

Showbox, MCMC, Pinetown Production,

Directed by :
Jang Jae-hyun

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"Exhuma - The vicious emerges" is korean Language Movie.

"Exhuma" was released on 22 February 2024 it had box office collection of $16,791,781.

The movie was directed by Jang Jae-hyun

It has cast of: Choi Min-sik as Kim Sang-duk, Kim Go-eun as Lee Hwa-rim, Yoo Hai-jin as Ko Young-geun, Lee Do-hyun as Yoon Bong-gil, Kim Jae-chul as Park Ji-yong, Jeon Jin-gi as Park Geun-hyeon, Kim Sun-young as Oh Gwang-sim, Kim Ji-an as Park Ja-hye, Kim Min-jun as Daimyo Oni, Kim Byung-oh as Daimyo Oni (stand-in), Rikiya Koyama as Daimyo Oni (voice), Park Jeong-ja as Park Ji-yong's Aunt, Park Ji-il as Park Ji-yong's Butler, Lee Jong-goo as Bodhisattva, Lee Young-lan as Park Ji-yong's Mother, Jung Sang-cheol as Park Jong-soon, Kim Tae-jun as Chang-min, Kim Seo-hyeon as Funeral Home Manager, Go Chun-ja as Hwa-rim's Grandmother, Song Gwang-ja as Hwa-rim's Grandmother (stand-in), Choi Moon-kyoung as Park Ji-yong's Cousin, Akane Ono as Flight Attendant, Jung Yun-ha as Park Ji-yong's Wife, Shin Regina as Childminder, Hong Seo-jun as President Kim, Jang Ui-don as Murayama Junji, Lee Da-wit as Wedding Photographer, Lee Eun-joo as Kim Sang-duk's Wife, Baek Seung-chul as Crematorium Manager, Yoon Jae-in as Hotel Staff, Park Jae-wan as Doctor, Han Hye-ji as Nurse, Shim So-yeon as President Kim's Sister in lead roles.

Series Cast

Choi Min-sik
Kim Sang-duk

Kim Go-eun
Lee Hwa-rim

Yoo Hai-jin
Ko Young-geun

Lee Do-hyun
Yoon Bong-gil

Kim Jae-chul
Park Ji-yong

Jeon Jin-gi
Park Geun-hyeon

Kim Sun-young
Oh Gwang-sim

Kim Ji-an
Park Ja-hye

Kim Min-jun
Daimyo Oni

Kim Byung-oh
Daimyo Oni (stand-in)

Rikiya Koyama
Daimyo Oni (voice)

Park Jeong-ja
Park Ji-yong's Aunt

Park Ji-il
Park Ji-yong's Butler

Lee Jong-goo

Lee Young-lan
Park Ji-yong's Mother

Jung Sang-cheol
Park Jong-soon

Kim Tae-jun

Kim Seo-hyeon
Funeral Home Manager

Go Chun-ja
Hwa-rim's Grandmother

Song Gwang-ja
Hwa-rim's Grandmother (stand-in)

Choi Moon-kyoung
Park Ji-yong's Cousin

Akane Ono
Flight Attendant

Jung Yun-ha
Park Ji-yong's Wife

Shin Regina

Hong Seo-jun
President Kim

Jang Ui-don
Murayama Junji

Lee Da-wit
Wedding Photographer

Lee Eun-joo
Kim Sang-duk's Wife

Baek Seung-chul
Crematorium Manager

Yoon Jae-in
Hotel Staff

Park Jae-wan

Han Hye-ji

Shim So-yeon
President Kim's Sister

It Crew included: Jang Jae-hyun as Director(Directing), Kim Tae-seong as Original Music Composer(Sound), Jang Jae-hyun as Writer(Writing), Lee Mo-gae as Director of Photography(Camera), Seo Sung-kyung as Production Design(Art), Lee Seong-hwan as Lighting Director(Lighting), Jeong Byeong-jin as Editor(Editing), Park Jun-yong as Props(Art), You Cheong as Props(Art), Choi Yoon-sun as Costume Design(Costume & Make-Up), Lee Eun-ju as Makeup & Hair(Costume & Make-Up), Hwang Hyo-kyun as Special Effects Makeup Artist(Costume & Make-Up), Kim Ho-sik as Special Effects Makeup Artist(Costume & Make-Up), Koo Jong-ryul as Production Sound Mixer(Sound), Kim Byung-in as Sound Supervisor(Sound), Do Gwang-il as Special Effects Supervisor(Visual Effects), Do Gwang-sup as Special Effects Supervisor(Visual Effects), Kim Shin-chul as Visual Effects(Visual Effects), Son Seung-hyeon as Visual Effects(Visual Effects), Park Jin-young as Digital Intermediate(Editing), Jeong Yoon-heon as Martial Arts Choreographer(Crew), Moon Gwang-sik as Martial Arts Choreographer(Crew), Hong Jeong-won as Key Grip(Camera), Park Hyoung-jin as Line Producer(Production), Kwon Ji-yong as Line Producer(Production), Jang Jae-hyun as Producer(Production), Kim Young-min as Producer(Production), Jeong In-cheol as Set Decoration(Art), Shin Eun-hee as Art Direction(Art), Choi Jae-hun as Art Direction(Art), Go Rak-sun as 'C' Camera Operator(Camera), Kim Byung-seo as 'D' Camera Operator(Camera), Jeong Kyung-hwa as Still Photographer(Camera), Kwon Ji-yoon as Assistant Director(Directing), Kim Jung-woo as Assistant Director(Directing), Kang Ji-hyeon as Production Assistant(Production), in lead roles.

Series Crew

Jang Jae-hyun

Kim Tae-seong
Original Music Composer

Jang Jae-hyun

Lee Mo-gae
Director of Photography

Seo Sung-kyung
Production Design

Lee Seong-hwan
Lighting Director

Jeong Byeong-jin

Park Jun-yong

You Cheong

Choi Yoon-sun
Costume Design
O:Costume & Make-Up

Lee Eun-ju
Makeup & Hair
O:Costume & Make-Up

Hwang Hyo-kyun
Special Effects Makeup Artist
O:Costume & Make-Up

Kim Ho-sik
Special Effects Makeup Artist
O:Costume & Make-Up

Koo Jong-ryul
Production Sound Mixer

Kim Byung-in
Sound Supervisor

Do Gwang-il
Special Effects Supervisor
O:Visual Effects

Do Gwang-sup
Special Effects Supervisor
O:Visual Effects

Kim Shin-chul
Visual Effects
O:Visual Effects

Son Seung-hyeon
Visual Effects
O:Visual Effects

Park Jin-young
Digital Intermediate

Jeong Yoon-heon
Martial Arts Choreographer

Moon Gwang-sik
Martial Arts Choreographer

Hong Jeong-won
Key Grip

Park Hyoung-jin
Line Producer

Kwon Ji-yong
Line Producer

Jang Jae-hyun

Kim Young-min

Jeong In-cheol
Set Decoration

Shin Eun-hee
Art Direction

Choi Jae-hun
Art Direction

Go Rak-sun
"C" Camera Operator

Kim Byung-seo
"D" Camera Operator

Jeong Kyung-hwa
Still Photographer

Kwon Ji-yoon
Assistant Director

Kim Jung-woo
Assistant Director

Kang Ji-hyeon
Production Assistant
Snap Shot
Status: Released
Released on:
22 February 2024

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