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Customs Frontline (2024)
Action, Drama . 01 h 55 m


Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department officers Chow Ching-lai and Cheung Wan-nam share a close mentor-student relationship. On a case involving seized smuggled arms, Ching-lai is sent to take part in a joint operation with Interpol to capture a reclusive arms dealer. However, Wan-nam makes a drastic decision that further complicates the case.

Release Date

28 June 2024


Cantonese, Mandarin,

Produced By

Emperor Motion Pictures, New Classics Media, China Literature Limited, Tao Piao Piao, 北京上狮文化传播有限公司, 华文映像影视传媒有限公司,

Directed by :
Herman Yau

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"Customs Frontline - " is cantonese Language Movie.

"Customs Frontline" was released on 28 June 2024 .

The movie was directed by Herman Yau

It has cast of: Jacky Cheung Hok-Yau as Cheung Wan-nam, Nicholas Tse as Chow Ching-lai, Karena Lam Kar-Yan as , Liu Yase as Ying, Francis Ng as Kwok Chi-keung, Kenny Kwan Chi-Bun as , Carlos Chan Ka-Lok as , Michelle Wai as , Ben Yuen Foo-Wah as , Michelle Yim as , Shek Sau as , Melvin Wong Gam-Sam as , Angus Yeung as , Amanda Strang as , Kenneth Lai as , Polly Lau as in lead roles.

Series Cast

It Crew included: Herman Yau as Director(Directing), Nicholas Tse as Fight Choreographer(Crew), Erica Li as Writer(Writing), Eric Lee as Writer(Writing), Alan Ng Wing-Lun as Fight Choreographer(Crew), Joe Chan Kwong-Hung as Director of Photography(Camera), Derek Siu Hing-Wa as Cinematography(Crew), Wai Chiu Chung as Editor(Editing), Jason Siu Kim-Chau as Producer(Production), Mak Chun-hung as Music Director(Sound), Fung Chi-Wai as Production Supervisor(Production), Ip Siu-Kei as Sound Designer(Sound), Albert Yeung as Presenter(Crew), Ning Li as Producer(Production), Huayi Cao as Presenter(Crew), Li Jie as Presenter(Crew), Wang Yibing as Presenter(Crew), Lu Jia as Presenter(Crew), Che Kiu Lam as Art Designer(Art), Thomas Chong as Costume Designer(Costume & Make-Up), Nicholas Tse as Action Director(Directing), Alan Ng Wing-Lun as Action Director(Directing), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Released
Released on:
28 June 2024

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