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Chaos on the Farm (2023)
Thriller, TV Movie . 01 h 16 m


Shaken from the death of her beloved mother, Jessica is forced to visit her estranged Aunt and Uncle's farm to tie up loose ends in her mother's will.

Release Date

16 April 2023



Produced By

Fade to Black Films, Lifetime,

Directed by :
Derek Sulek

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"Chaos on the Farm - " is english Language Movie.

"Chaos on the Farm" was released on 16 April 2023 .

The movie was directed by Derek Sulek

It has cast of: Brook Sill as Jessica, Jake Busey as Lawrence, Clare Kramer as Susan, Billy Armstrong as Sam, Dorian Gregory as Sheriff Hank, Michael Perl as Kurt in lead roles.

Series Cast

It Crew included: Derek Sulek as Director(Directing), Erica Durham as Writer(Writing), Derek Sulek as Writer(Writing), Sabrina Sipantzi as Executive Producer(Production), Tai Truesdell as Executive Producer(Production), Oren Kamara as Producer(Production), Derek Sulek as Producer(Production), Jijo Reed as Co-Producer(Production), Tony DeSare as Music(Sound), Chad Narducci as Director of Photography(Camera), Edward de León as Production Design(Art), Samuel Means as Editor(Editing), Ramee Randall as Costume Design(Costume & Make-Up), Petra Vasvari de León as Art Direction(Art), Teri Groves as Makeup Department Head(Costume & Make-Up), in lead roles.

Series Crew
Snap Shot
Status: Released
Released on:
16 April 2023

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